Legal Strategies for the Development and Protection of Communal Property

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The ownership of natural resources is very much tied to the land tenure systems of most sub-Saharan African countries, which nevertheless still relies on the customary land tenure system to operate. But how exactly do the customary land tenure systems which remain operational in many parts of Africa fit into contemporary communal land ownership structures? Incorporating legality into the analysis of customary land tenure, this chapter assesses the legal attempts for the development and protection of communal property. It examines the meaning of customary land tenure and how the elements, including the communal interest of customary land tenure, have been developed and perhaps protected in successive land reforms in Africa. Using developments in Cameroon as an example, it concludes by demonstrating the continuous difficulty in post-colonial sub-Saharan African societies in reconciling western land law principles on the protection of communal property with customary land tenure systems, and the wider implications this has on the rule of law in contemporary sub-Saharan Africa.
Period23 May 201624 May 2016
Event titleLegal Strategies for the Development and Protection of Communal Property
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