For hybrid methods: Internet-mediated musics, the social and the historical

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This presentation draws on a series of papers (listed below) in which, through a study of five prominent popular and cross-over music genres spanning the period from the late 1990s to the present, we examine how the internet is transforming musical practices. The genres are microsound, hauntology, hypnagogic pop, chillwave and vaporwave. Analysing the internet-based practices associated with the five genres -- and doing this in relation to their offline manifestations -- poses both methodological and theoretical challenges. It requires new research tools attentive to the online practices involved in their creation and reception. To this end we adapt the Issue Crawler software, a digital method that analyses networks of hyperlinking on the world-wide web. Importantly, we suggest, adequate interpretation of the IC visualisations demands that they are combined with other sources of ethnographic and historical data. In addition, we require a theoretical framework that can respond to music's profuse mediations in the digital environment. We propose that genre theory enriched with reference to mediation and assemblage theories offers such a framework.
Period25 Apr 2018
Event titleMixing it? Experiments in Digital Social Research
Event typeWorkshop
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