EUniwell Seed Funding

  • Whyman, R. (Advisor)
  • Victoria Door (Contributor)
  • Liz Tunnicliffe (Contributor)

Activity: Other


Sharing a common tool to assess well-being at the University:
Validation of different language versions of the Well-being Numerical Rating Scales (WB-NRS) - ShareToWell. The present project aims to provide a reliable and valid tool to assess well-being across the different EUniWell Universities. This tool might help in sharing study and research programs, generate synergies, and improve the well-being of individuals. Within a multidimensional approach to well-being (including physical, psychological, spiritual, relational, and general well-being), we propose the Well-being Numerical Rating Scales (WB-NRSs) a previously tested tool with sound psychometric properties (Bonacchi et al., 2021). The specific goal of the present project is the linguistic validation of the English (UK), French, German, Hungarian, Swedish, Spanish, and Dutch version of the WB-NRSs, and eight EUniWell partners are participating in the project.

(Expected) Outcomes
1. A linguistic adapted version of the WB-NRSs for each EUniWell partner.
2. A paper in a peer-reviewed open-source journal to disseminate the results.
3. A concluding seminar to facilitate exchange, interaction, and relationship building among EUniWell Universities.

Funding of 4000 euros was awarded for UoB project expensed
Period1 Oct 202230 Jul 2023
Degree of RecognitionInternational